I'm a third generation retail jeweler. And I was horse crazy from a very early age. No surprise that I created Jamies Horse Jewelry online store with horse jewelry and equestrian jewelry galore.

My Two Passions: Horses and Jewelry

I am a third generation retail jeweler. My grandfather, Joseph Menczer opened a jewelry store on East Tremont Avenue in the Bronx, New York in the 1930's, and my father James (known as Jesse) continued in the family business. It was where I worked holidays and weekends while growing up. 

I was from the start horse crazy. My love affair with horses began at a very early age. Stuffed horses, toy pony, picture books filled with colorful illustrations of majestic stallions and gentle mares. From there, the fascination only grew, fueled by encounters with real horses at local stables or family outings to the countryside. Remember yelling “horsey” every time your family drove by a field with horses?

Took riding lessons at local stables and went to the summer camp Captain Collins School of Equitation that was run by an ex-British Calvary officer—and run just like boot camp. We galloped thru the woods, had calvary charges up sand dunes, and jumped New England stone walls. As I got older I switched to Dressage, and competed in both Dressage and costume classes—won my costume classes! And these days its enjoying leisurely trail rides. Yup horse crazy.

Jamies horse jewelry costume class

Jamie's Horse Jewelry's Beginnings. 

The above should give you an idea of how Jamie’s Horse Jewelry came about. When I realized I had the ability to set up my own website, well it was an opportunity I just could not pass up in that it allowed me to combine my passions—for jewelry and all things horse.

I learned from my grandfather and father the way to creating loyal customers is through integrity, craftsmanship, and personalized service. My commitment to quality, authenticity, and customer satisfaction is unwavering, honoring their legacy.

Whether it’s a horse necklace, a horse themed engagement ring, a snaffle bit bracelet, horseshoe nail earrings, I take pride in offering a wide selection for my customers to be able to find the perfect piece that speaks to their individuality and lets them find THE treasure that resonates with their soul.

Jamies Horse Jewelry